When we ask if God is with us?

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When God called Gideon In Judges 6 the future hero was hiding from those who were bullying Israel.  Gideon’s immediate response to God’s call was to ask, “How will I know you’re really with me on this Lord?”  If you were raised in church you’ll remember the Sunday school favorite of Gideon and the fleeces.

The simple point I want to emphasize here is that only when Gideon was challenged by God did he even care whether God was with him.

Like the loafer above, we all have moments when the presence of God with us is not even really on our minds.  When we’re in our comfort zones it doesn’t really seem to matter.

Speaking for myself, it seems like God has to keep me on a pretty short leash, dependence wise.  The minute I’m physically strong with extra money in the bank and plenty of work to keep me feeling productive I drift away from the question, “Is God with me?”

For 20+ years my vocation was pretty clear as a church planter and cross-cultural missionary.  But my new role as an assistant to my dad’s global ministry, and beginning to reach out to our local community has me nearer to God’s “apron strings” than I’ve been in a long time.

Is God with us?  Well He promised to be with us till the end of the age (Mat. 28), so really the question is whether we want to be with Him.  How much of His involvement do we want in our daily decision making?

Just now as I’ve been writing I received a text message with an invitation that I had to quickly bring before the Lord and decide on.  I quickly prayed and sensed God’s peace that this week I just simply couldn’t add anything to my plate.

That’s how I want God’s presence in my life to be, a constant gentle staff to guide me to the left or right, coaxing me forward or having me lie down in green pastures by still waters.

There’s nothing wrong with resting, even “loafing” on the couch at times.  But I thank the Lord for keeping me in a place of needing to know He’s with me… where I truly depend on His intervention… something I can count on as long as I simple desire Him and invite Him into my daily walk.

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