I am 44 years old, married to Katiucia and father of Emily, Gabriel and Laura.  Since 1993 I have served with Youth With a Mission, an interdenominational organization training Christian leaders to bring the Kingdom of Christ into all nations and spheres of society.  From 1999 to 2017 my wife and I were church planters with the Calvary Chapel movement, the past 16 years in Brazil.  In late 2017 our family relocated to Oxnard, California to assist my father John Dawson, international ambassador of YWAM Marine Reach and founder of the International Reconciliation Coalition.

I have a MA in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA and am in the final stage of completing a BA in Humanities from the University of the Nations, Kona, HI.  My wife has a BA in Pedagogy from OPET University, Curitiba, Brazil.  Over the past 10 years my wife and I have transitioned from local project management to consulting teams and individuals.  Please refer to the “services” page to see how we may be of service to you.  Please see Katiucia’s blog Dawson5 for more information on her consulting resources.  

In 2020 my wife and I felt God’s call to another transition, and we moved to Portugal for a new season of life and service.  

Davidjdawson.com is home to a weekly devotional focused on cross-cultural family, multi vocational ministry and culture engaging mission.  Over the past two decades in ministry my wife have navigated traditional and non-traditional models of doing and financially supporting Christian missions.  We’ve also felt the strain as Christian institutions have grappled with the call to disciple nations from the margens of society.  The Western Church no longer enjoys the same place of privilege in the post-Christendom era.  But we celebrate this as a new opportunity to get back to the early church culture of changing culture from the margins of society.  

I believe that there are seismic shifts in how ministry will be done in the global pluralistic urban world.  Through this blog I humbly wish to contribute to the discussion on how serving God today transcends traditional Western Christian paradigms.

On the Services (add link) page I have detailed the teaching and consulting content I offer individuals and groups.  Take a look and think about booking me for a free consultation.