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Some places I’ve taught:

  • Hundreds of churches and parachurch ministries since 1993
  • University of the Nations campuses in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania
  • Calvary Chapel Bible College Campo Mourão, Brazil
  • Instituto Bíblico Português, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Teófulus Online Biblical Formation

After 25 years as community development project manager I transitioned to teaching and consulting. I’m available for in person and virtual formats. I teach in English and Portuguese, please take time differences into consideration (me: Lisbon).

Whether articulated or not, all content is rooted in a Christian worldview. I am happy to share this worldview or not based entirely on the expectations and desires of my audience.

Take a look at my subject matter and consider hiring me as an adjunct online professor, or booking me for an individual or group consultation or seminar.

Biblical Studies

Pentateuch, History of Ancient Israel, Wisdom Literature, Synoptic Gospels, Pastoral Epistles, Acts

Ministry Practicum

Hermeneutics, Public Speaking

Missiology / Church History

Medieval/Reformation History, History of Christian Missions, Latin American Church History, Biblical Foundations
of Mission; Principles of Financial Sustainability / Business as Mission

Organizational / Leadership Development

Adult Leadership Development/Andragogy, Majority World Community Development, Principles of Cross-cultural Education, Lifelong Development


Theology of Reconciliation and Christian Ecumenism, Theology of World Religions

David Dawson has helped our organization articulate its unique contribution and to maximize the potential of our volunteer community.

Julie Alane, Pioneer WBM International

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