When heterosexuality repulses

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This week I was on my daily run, just kidding, I wish it was daily, and I saw something that made me sympathize with homosexual perceptions.  A young couple – two women, apparently lesbians – was walking hand-in-hand through a park.  Since I’m such a fast runner I left them far behind in a moment.  But no sooner had I passed them that I saw two young men doing a photo shoot.  The scene consisted of two girls in bikinis, won’t describe it further than that, just to say that it was not in “good taste”.  In other words, the nature of the photo op was one that any passer by would feel like they’d walked in on a scene that was very inappropriate in those surroundings.

No sooner had I passed the photographers and muses by that I thought of the young lesbian couple who would come across the same scene in a few seconds.  They would see an example of the base objectification of women that characterizes men’s attitudes towards women the world over.  My thought was that the two young women would see the scene and look at each other with a knowing, “And that’s why we’ve opted for the sexual orientation we have”.

A few days later I was listening to an audio narration of the book of Romans.  Several places Paul references homosexuality in the context of the consequences of sin, i.e. man’s perversion as a result of rejecting God.  I was thinking that a Christian can only reconcile homosexuality with the historic Christian faith without problem if they are not regularly exposed to Scripture.  My point here is not to go into the specifics of my own convictions regarding homosexuality, only to say that the Bible is not silent on the subject and its commentary is generally negative.

My point is that my heart went out to the young lesbian couple – their perception of the salacious scene and its impact on them.  And I felt ashamed as a man, identifying myself with the behavior of the male photographers.

Surely a man’s thought life and what he sets his eyes on are things only known to himself and God.  Every man knows temptation, and God’s desire is that every man enjoy the gift of sexuality, unless they are graced to live without.  That day I was running in the park I was inspired – as the father of two girls – to be an example of what God intends that men’s attitudes towards women be.

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